The Violin Workshop Pavel Celý, s.r.o. The Violin Workshop Pavel Celý, s.r.o.

Historic string instruments

In particular, the workshop specializes in the viols family.

The instruments are copies of the medieval fiddle (die Fiedel), which is used in ensembles of the so-called authentic interpretation of early music. The model of fiddle is based on the period depiction by Hans Memling of the 15th century. Because the original instruments of that period have not come down to us, each instrument is more an individual study than a "faithful" copy. Both four-string or five-string instruments are made.

Apart from this, the workshop makes copies of violas da gamba. The construction of these instruments is based on the detailed plans that are obtained from European museums. The model range of da gambas is very rich. Individual models differ in their size (and, therefore, in their sounding lengths/die Mensur), and also in the shape of the body, of the soundholes, the scope of embellishment, the shape of head etc. During the making of instruments, the workshop cooperates with sculptor Jiří Netík from Brno and sculptor Miroslav Minks from Velká nad Veličkou. The sculptors predominantly participate on the wood-work of the embellishments of necks and heads of gambas.

The models of violas da gamba

Bass violas da gamba

Barak Norman, London 1692
(sounding length: 650 mm)
Gregorius Karpp, Königsberg 1693
(sedmistrunná viola da gamba)
(sounding length: 680 mm)
Jacob Stainer, Absam 1665
(sounding length: 710 mm)
Richard Meares, London 1660
(sounding length: 680 mm)
Martin Hoffmann, Leipzig 1688
(sounding length 685 mm)

Treble violas da gamba

Henry Jaye, London 1629
(sounding length: 400 mm)
Peter Rambouts, 1708
(sounding length: 345 mm)
(sounding length: 420 mm)

Since the variety of models is being ever enlarged, it is possible to make different models of instruments at the customer's request. Thanks to the cooperation with external artists it is possible to produce a faithful copy of an original instrument, following plans and photodocumentation from museums, including the carved head or embellished neck of the instrument.

Bass viola da gamba, the Martin Hoffmann model, Leipzig 1688

Bass viola da gamba, the Gregorius Karpp model, Königsberg 1693

Detail of head
Detail of head

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